Our Arts Programme at WBPHS is integral to our school; an essential part of a holistic education is exposing learners in activities that strongly develop creativity and confidence. In this way many a learner discovers with delight hidden talents and his/her life changes for the better.

Under the direction of our Head of Department: Arts assisted by enthusiastic staff members, known as the Arts Committee, we ensure that our learners are able to experience all facets of the arts and cultural activities offered to school learners.

Within our philosophical educational beliefs that children must be exposed to many different facets of life, we have different Arts activities in and around our school. These activities allow our learners to explore other talents and interests and to break away from the academic programme.

The highlight of our Arts activities is definitely the ASTRA Awards evening where all the extraordinary talent that was showcased throughout the year is celebrated and receives recognition. The sought-after ASTRA trophy was designed by 1998 Head boy Johan Oberholzer.


Background Photos by Chrissi van Dyk