Under the guidance of the Convenor: Art, we invite learners to participate in various art competitions, offered by the school or institutions outside WBPHS. During the Astra Week/Awards Ceremony Grade 1-12 learners’ art works are exhibited.

All art pieces will be taken into consideration for prize nominations.


  • The highlight of our Cultural activities: ASTRA Awards Ceremony in July every year where WBPHS acknowledges any learner who has contributed to cultureal activities by displaying or performing his/her talents. Any learner could receive an ASTRA for his/her outstanding cultural performance.

  • The origin of the Astra Awards Ceremony is found in the “motto” of the school: “Aspirata ad Astra” - Reach for the Stars. Our ASTRA was designed by: Johan Oberholzer (Matric 2000 Head Boy)

  • Two months before the awards ceremony learners receive a Cultural Activity Summary in which they indicate all the cultural activities in which they took part in during a year, from June to June, whether at WBPHS or extra-murally, e.g. with music teachers, etc.

  • A month before the awards ceremony and according to this summary received, the Cultural Committee has a meeting where everyone is invited to nominate three possible winners in each category. At least 13 culture committee members discuss the winner in each category by taking into consideration that learners’ overall achievement, e.g. competitions and prizes or diplomas/grade certificates received during the year.

  • We try and keep the categories the same each year but there may be deviations, depending on the circumstances.

As we are busy with a process of incorporating the Grade 1-7’s, our Cultural Activities criteria changes as the situation demands.


Under the guidance of the Convenor: “Roomyskinders” gives the learners the opportunity to enrol at the ATKV at a nominal fee per year. This fee is paid over to the ATKV who sends an amount to the “Roomyskinders” every year which they may use towards a project that the learner club have identified. One learner of WBPHS is sent to the ATKV Annual General Meeting every year at the end of May at the cost of the ATKV in South Africa. Various Cultural Activities which the ATKV presents are included and addressed. Marco Engelbrecht, email address is currently the coordinator for the ATKV region into which our school falls. Our school convenor liaises with him on a regular basis and fills in all the documentation needed for this branch to stay active.

This year we will be participating in the Youth Conference at the end of March which is hosted by the ATKV to develop leadership skills amongst learners.


Under the guidance of the General Manager: Culture we have a slot on Channel 7 on a Thursday, between 14:30 and 14:45 when we broadcast our WBPHS School news to all the listeners. We use this as a marketing tool for our school.


Under the guidance of the Convenor: Choir we give learners the opportunity to audition in February to be part of the School choir. Our School choir performs at various School functions, e.g. Monday assembly, Friday Religious period, Prize-giving ceremonies as well as the ASTRA Awards Ceremony. Yearly we take part in the ATKV Applause Choir Competition at the beginning of June.


Afrikaans and English Writing is collected and scrutinized by all the language teachers. Learners submit their creative writing to their language teachers who file interesting pieces throughout the year. Last year we launched a competition and requested objective readers to evaluate the works according to a standard grid and to nominate a possible winner in poetry and/or short stories.

Every year we take part in the “ATKV Griffel” Competition.


The pinboard has all the activities that commence during a week. At the beginning of the week the activites are displayed and announced in the hall.


All costumes and props are stored in the décor room under the supervision of the Convenor: Décor. The book inside the décor room needs to be signed before anything is removed and all costumes/props need to be returned within 2 weeks after an activity for which they have been borrowed.


  • Under the supervision of the Convenor: Drama we offer Afrikaans or English dramas. We need actors, stage managers, sound- and light crew, set builders, costume makers and prompts.

  • The Drama Club starts in February every year. For the first time this year, we want to participate in the “ATKV Tienertoneel” Competition. Every drama (one act play) needs at least 6 weeks of intensive training.

  • Our school holds a musical and dramatic production, depending on the planning of the year/every two years, ensuring that every learner from the youngest to the oldest, has an opportunity to perform.

  • We also try to gain more knowledge in this field, so we attend workshops and drama writing courses as they become available.


The Glee Club is a new initiative which we have started in 2013. Glee is about opening yourself up for joy by interpreting a song by using voice and dance! The learners who are interested to join are invited to audition and all learners are included in the Glee Club, whether for singing, dancing, backvocals or behind the scenes tasks, e.g. administrator/stage organizer/costume organizer.
The Convenor: Glee Club provides the learners with a song and they initiate the choreography.


In the mini ASTRA week, normally during the beginning of July, dramas and a musical/revue are presented. The learners, staff, parents and community get the chance to see WBPHS talent. Each learner that participates in a drama gets the chance to see how their friends perform, because there will be several shows of a specific drama/musical.


  • Our school’s newspaper for the learners by the learners is issued at the end or during each term.

  • Under the guidance of the Convenor: Orakel learners may become part of the editorial team which currently consists of 18 learners. Different portfolios exist such as: Editor, Writers – Sport, Culture, Academic, Typists, Designer, Marketing, Finance, Photos, etc.

  • All the material that will appear in the Orakel must be proofread and censored to ensure that the school’s values and standards are not compromised.


  • Under the guidance of the Convenor: Music (Classical and Contemporary) we offer additional guitar tuition from Grades. 1 - 5.

  • At Monday assemblies our learners who take music lessons, will be playing different instruments to set the stage for the ceremony. It gives them the chance to practise too.

  • A Chamber Concert is also an activity that we offer regularly.


At the beginning of November the nativity play takes place. The lower primary, upper primary or secondary school present the Nativity play in alternative years.


Under the guidance of the Convenor: Photography we invite learners to take part in photography competitions during the year. Our photographers are requested to take photos during different sport and cultural activities. Photography is also a main part of the Orakel editorial staff. The best photos of the year are part of the art exhibition during the Astra Awards Ceremony.


The lower and upper primary school has two convenors which are currently busy planning the cultural activities. This year the gr. 5 – 7’s will be staging a concert during the first term. The Spelling Bee will also be a primary school activity.


Under the guidance of the Convenors: Redenaars (Secondary School), Redenaars (Primary School) and Debating, learners participate in various activities which are organized by the Convenor, e.g. Private Schools Redenaars, ATKV Redenaars. Last year we hosted the first Redenaars Workshop at WBPHS where we enrolled staff/parents to be trained as judges and received information that assisted us in preparing our learners for participation in Redenaars. This year we will host the workshop again.


  • Under the guidance of the Convenor: T4C every Friday morning different pastors in town are given the opportunity to spiritually serve our learners.

  • Each teacher is expected to hold a small devotion at the beginning of the day.


Under the guidance of the Convenor: Spelling Bee this initiative started in 2011. Currently it is a lower and upper primary cultural activity. The reason for this initiative is to improve their spelling.


The team under the guidance of the Convenor: Décor sees that the hall and stage are cleaned before and after any cultural activity.


T4C is the Christian youth group at WBPHS. Under the guidance of the Convenor: T4C, the group holds a meeting during second break on a Wednesday in the T4C room. On Friday mornings and at second break they are involved in different spiritual activities. The “Mad Hair Day” fundraising activity takes place in aid of T4C each year.


In 2013 we plan to host our cultural activities as Dolphins, Seals and Shark teams. In the second term we are hosting an Orators Competition (in Afrikaans) as well as a Dance Competition.

Background Photos by Chrissi van Dyk